Churchill Forge Water Mill

Churchill Forge Water Mill

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Churchill Forge Water Mill



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Churchill Forge is one of the last few surviving waterwheel powered forges in the country. Described in 1786 as a blade mill, the Forge at that time would have made a variety of agricultural hand tools. During the 1800s the Forge was listed as a spade and shovel works, and in the 1900s the Forge ended up specializing in ladles for the metal casting industries.

The Forge has 2 waterwheels. The waterwheels powered 2 tilt hammers up until about 1900. At that time the Forge was modernised, and line shafting and a pneumatic accelerator hammer replaced the tilt hammers.

Today the Forge looks very much like it did in the early 1900s, with an unrestored and authentic look and feel. Both the waterwheels are in working order, and drive the line shafting. There is a working crocodile shear in the yard, and this year (2017) it is hoped to run the press on open days.

The Forge opens to the public once a month during the summer, and there are a number of private group visits throughout the year. A Friends group carries out basic maintenance and restoration around the Forge, as well as helping on the open days and group visits.

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